October 27, 2010


FIRST~ I want to say THANK YOU to all of you, for supposrting and visiting my lil' ol' blog. ^_^ I started this blog on October 24th, 2005!! Can't believe it's been that long! ^_^ I couldn't have kept it going with out you all. YAY~Here's to more years to come!

SECOND~ This is the Piece I just did for the "Little Rolla" Custom Art Show in Sapporo, Japan.

Set up all fancy like in an acrylic box. hehee... It's going for $10,500 YEN, which is about $75. hehe.....Too bad it's only one side, cuz the other side is perfect for halloween (pumpkin patch).

Thank you Marty San, for the invite to the show. more sooN!


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