October 24, 2005

Could it be the first?

Wow! I guess it is. Welcome to the my first blog or as I call it "blah". I decided to start a blog knowing fully that sometimes I'm not very good at updating things like this. Oh, it's not that I don't like it, it's just that there are always things that need attention first. I have 2 websites, that are okay, but out of date. One is 2 years old and the other is four. It's not that I don't have stuff to update it, but it's more the trouble I have to go through to do so. SO, I decided it would be easier to update a blog with my latest work and events in my life. I currently have alot of things going on in my life, so it's nice to be able to just let it all out. Well as much as I can anyways. heheee....
(picture above) I currently finished a pilot for a big animation studio in Burbank and is now onto freelance work and a break. We are all waiting and hoping this pilot gets picked up for series. This means consistant work for maybe 2 years! Wooohooo.... and if anyone who is in animation, can understand the lack of stability this industry has, this is a step in a good direction.

Just last month I was in Thailand visiting family for three weeks. It was such an amazing trip. First off, it was the very first time I flew in a plane!!! That's right, first time! Everywhere before that trip I usually drove too. It was very exciting, not as scarey as I thought it would be. Also, it was the first time I met my husband's family. It was so fun! They were so happy to see us both and it was so cool to spend so much time with them. They took us to many temples and many shopping places, but the really cool part was being able to experience the everyday life over there. Life is similar but also different in many ways. Ways I will eventually write about over time. I hope to see them again soon.
Another big event, is my sister getting married in November. Geez, that's in a few weeks! I'm her maid of honor. So, yes this means I have to wear a dress I will only wear once. I have to help prepare for a bridal shower in a week, but I live 160 miles from her. So, my mom is doing most of the preperations. AHaaa...kidding. I will try to post pics of this big event soon.
So I guess this first blog was really just a blah of everything I had in my head, well, not counting the other million things that come across my mind, but I'll save that for another time. Until then, cheers!


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