April 12, 2007

"We (heart) Pactamari" goes public!

Next show coming up!
You can see Pactamari up close! @_@

"I am 8-bit" Show
Opening Tuesday, April 17th 2007
@ 7pm - 11pm
Gallery 1988
7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA
Goes from April 17th - May 12th 2007

Hope to see you there!


damon said...

wow cool im so happy for you
i will totly try to make it

Annette said...

Grats!!!! I would have been shocked if you hadn't made it. :)
I'll be there!

tirui said...

looking forward to seeing it! contrats! see you tuesday.

the chung said...

let me know how it goes!! that'd be awesome if our pieces were placed next to each other, they could keep each other company!

Alina Chau said...

What a lovely colourful cute painting!!

Christophe said...

Yay ! I wish I could come to the show ! Congratulations!

Dee C.K. said...

Thanks everyone!
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's fabulous work!!
Damon, Annette and Tirui - Thanks and I Hope to see you guys there!
Chung - I'll let you know! Sorry you couldn't make it out, but I'm sure our paintings are hanging happily near each other. ;)
Thanks Alina!
Thanks Christophe!

potato farm girl said...

I haven't made it to the show yet, but I LOVE that cow!!


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