April 20, 2007

I am 8-bit Bonanza!

YEY! 8_bit show was a super success! The opening was sooooo packed. I posted a few pics from my excursion to the show. check it here:
8-bit opening
For a better view of most of the paintings, go HERE!

In the meantime, I am currently working on 2 pieces for the "Powers in Number 2" show coming to the Nucleus Gallery in May. I am also working on some secret designs, but I will share those with you when I'm done and it's green lit. ;) heheee...later gator!
Forgot to mention that it SOLD! hehee...Pactamari rolls onto a new home! ;0) GO Pactamari GO!!!


the chung said...

AWESOME!! i wish i could have been there damnit! congrats on selling your piece! i love pactamari!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Remember me?? I'm Moo-Tom's sister in Thailand. I miss you and Tom so MUCH. Please come to Thailand,pleaseee :) Take care- Big hug for you

Annette said...

Hey, thanks for posting those pics and the link! It was so crazy crowded inside I didn't get a good look at a lot of the pieces. I'll have to go back and see them all again in person whole the show is still up. Grats on selling your piece!

Dik Pose said...

I wasnt able to make the show... and I wont be at the PIN show either :( I am going to HAWAII!!! :D

I need to start working on my painting for that show.. I have NO good ideas!!!

tirui said...

glad it went well! congrats. i had to miss the show cause it was so so crowded. we drove by though :)


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