October 24, 2007

I'm Back! Just in time for my 2 year Blogaversary!!!

Hey I'm back from my vacation! I just spent a wonderful 2 weeks in Thailand! :D Had a great time!! Feel refreshed and ready to work on some new paintings. Yey!
I'm also celebrating my 2 year blogaversary TODAY!!! SO I'm happy I am able to keep up this blog, thanks to all of you who come by to say hi!! I still have lots of fun posting and hope I can post more frequently in the near future. ;) In the meantime, MATO wanted to greet you with a smile! Cheers!


Annette said...

Hooray! Two years of a great blog that always has something amazing and wonderful to see. Congratulations! And welcome home, I missed you!

Fossfor said...

happy birthday! my blog turned 2 last month as well;)Love your work

the chung said...

YAY! HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!! and you lucky lady! THAILAND! how was the trizzzzip!!?

also how was your show last night?

damon said...

happy birthday blog


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