October 10, 2007

Be Back Soon....=)

hey all!
Just a quick note to say I'm on vacation an I will post back at the end of the month.
Cheers and I hope your October is great!


damon said...

hope you are having fun

kittens with chainsaws said...

We miss you! I can't wait to see pictures!

Dee C.K. said...
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Dee C.K. said...

Hello from Bangkok! I'm having lots of fun...seeing a lot of the city and doing a lot of shopping! Maybe also eating too much....hahaha....but with all the walking and the heat, I think I will be ok. :D It's rainy season, so the rain has helped it to be a little cooler.
I'll be home soon and put up pictures soon!
CHEERS and miss you all!


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