May 3, 2007

Announcing "Tail of the Pup" iPod® Case!!

SO!!! Good News! Sweater Pup is now for sale as an iPod® case!!! Woohoo!
I worked in collaberation with this very cool company called Tinymeat and we created this fabulous iPod case!
Tinymeat iPod® sleeves are constructed with proprietary laminate method complete with interior paint swatch styling and thier soon to be famous "Squeeze and Go" release mechanism. Fits all 5g (video) iPods® The image wraps around to the back, where you can see his fuzzy little tail! =) (Wallets are soon to follow!)
They are currently sold at
The perfect sleeve to keep your iPod® snuggly safe!

Other news, my "We love Pactamari" painting was part of a video clip for juxtapose website! It's about 6 or 7 mins in, so enjoy the interviews with some of the great artists that attended and the founder of Atari! ;0) I was just happy to see it in the clip! heheee...
Also, I'm almost done with the paintings for the next I hope to post them this weekend. In the meantime, take it easy!


the chung said...

dang that's awesome!! congrats!! i wish i had an ipod so i could get one of those

potato farm girl said...

I NEEED one! I'm gonna buy it, I love sweater doggy!

damon said...

SO COOL!!!!!!

tirui said...

oooo, very nice! i love his fuzzy sweater.

Chris Battle said...

You've been 'tubed! You're viral... congrats.

Dee C.K. said...

Thanks everyone!! Be sure to spread the word!!!


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