March 18, 2007

Just some quick thoughts.....

HI, Just a quick entry. Did these over the weekend. The first one makes me think it would be in a classroom or library. ;) The second one is a quick sketch that turned out like this....I can't explain it. heheee...Hope you all had a great St.Patrick's day! (and are recovering today..heeeheee) Later!
OH!!!! Please come one, come all to the spectacular show this Sat. March 24th. My friend and her sis are having a show all their own!!

GO! It will blow your mind! =)


kittens with chainsaws said...


a big hug, brandy

damon said...


Alexei Martins said...

WOOWWW!!AWESOME work!!Love the "KAT"...hahaha so cute!!!!(^_^)

Annette said...

Awwww, I've got a soft spot for owls.

(And thank for the heads up about Mindy's show! I love their work, too.)

Miss Mindy said...

Thanks so much dee! - I'm so excited about the show... ugh,
I'm gonna throw up! ( I do that when I get excited, like when I was turning twelve, & I was so excited about going to play miniature golf w/ my best friends- that I had to stay home in the bathroom...) whew... how much can write in this blog box?... hmmmm lets see...
love you dee!!!!


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