December 31, 2012

Join me at "Creepy Cute" Art Exhibit!!

YAY! The show is finally here! COME SEE my work in this fantastic collection of Creepy Cute Paintings! I will have 9 Pieces in the show! ^_^ Here is the info!

Featuring Artists:
Peter Adamyan | Jonathan Bergeron | Dee Chavez | Desiree Fessler | Kelly Hutchison | Larkin | Chase Tafoya

Simultaneously bone-chilling and heart-melting is WWA Gallery’s first exhibit of 2013 “Creepy Cute” which opens Saturday, January 12th.

“Creepy Cute” juxtaposes the delicate and sweet with the grotesque and sinister through paintings by seven artists; Peter Adamyan, Jonathan Bergeron, Dee Chavez, Desiree Fessler, Kelly Hutchison, Larkin and Chase Tafoya. Each is known for subject matter that elicits visceral reactions of uneasiness, delight or both.

Open to the public, the gallery reception is from 7 -10PM on Saturday, January 12th. The exhibit will run until February 9th, 2013.
Here are some links for the upcoming show:
Here is one from the show, I will post more images of my paintings this week! Hope to see you there! ^_^ 
Title: 9 White Trees 
Size: 16" x 24"
Medium: Acrylic on Wood
For Sale


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