March 14, 2011

"Shave and a Haircut" Show at MonkeyHouse!!

Hi all~
Things have been busy here on my end. Working on this new piece for MonkeyHouse show called "Shave & A Haircut"! It looks like lots of fun! I will post some images of my painting soon, but for now, here is the flyer for the show! Check it out~

Other than that, I am working on some freelance and 1 or 2 other paintings for an upcoming show. Busy bee~ I'm also recovering from a cold and drinking lots of meds. ahhaa....well, enough anyways. It helps with the drawings. teehee...
I've also decided to start a side project with a friend of mine, completely outside the realm of animation or the art world. I just hope we can get it off the ground this year. ^_^ I will talk more about it when it comes to fruition. Till then, mums the word.
On a serious note:
I would like to send a heartfelt hug to the people who went through this terrible and heart wrenching disaster in Japan. I only hope for the future to be brighter and hope many loved ones are found and able to regain peace in this time of need. <3

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