March 30, 2011

Moustache Melodies!

Hi! Here is the piece I did for the "Shave & a Haircut" Show at Monkeyhouse Toys.

Title: Moustache Melodies

Med: Acrylic on Wood

Size: 10"x10"

It was a group show that consisted of many great artist with right touch of whimsy!

The show is still up! If interested in purchasing, contact the gallery or myself. ^_^

I will post more soon. Hope all is well!


Starr said...

What a light-hearted piece! I like it very much.

damon said...

love it super cute as always!

Dee @_@ said...

Thank you both so much~ ^_^

Crayonaut said...

Beautiful art miss! glad i found your blog:D


Dee @_@ said...

Thank You Ander~ Very Sweet of you~ ^_^ said...

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