January 15, 2009


Mythic Creations, Urban legions and Twisted Visions, A Group show of Industry Artists

"Meltdown Gallery announces the second annual group show of "LA MYTH". The exhibition runs from February 7th to 21th 2009. This Imaginative exhibition showcases artists throughout the animation and entertainment industry."

February 7 2009 Press Release--

The second installment of the LA Myth show invades the meltdown gallery.

A giant squid eats busses on the 405, Dead celebrities haunt local coffee shops, Giant robots walk their labradoodles on Rodeo drive, a world never imagined will be reviled to you. Over 50 industry artists gather together to share their, Mysterious Creations, Urban legions and tweaked Visions of LA Mythology.

Meltdown Gallerys hours are Monday through-Sunday 11am-10pm. The gallery is located at 7522 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles , CA 90046. Meltdown Gallery can be contacted by phone (323) 851-7223 The gallery's website is: http://www.meltcomics.com/
Information about the LA Myth group can be found at: LA MYTH 2009


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