November 27, 2008

Deep Sea Crunchies!!!!

So I was invited by my sweet friend Marty Ito, to be in an Illustration Art Show in Japan next month called:

Fictional Advertising Posters
Odori Museum in Sapporo, JAPAN
December 9-14th 2008

The idea of the show is to create a fictitious advertising poster. I was super excited to have a piece in this show. I started to work with this idea back and forth and came up with "DEEP SEA CRUNCHIES Cereal". I was hoping to have a little more time to create it, but I'm somewhat happy with what was turned out. It was a little difficult knowing it will be set along side some really fabulous pieces. Makes me nervous...(sigh). Let me know what you think. Each piece will be printed out in 16"x24" poster size, framed and hung in the museum. Here is an image of the piece I turned in.

Here is the poster ad for the Show! Wish I could be there...
OH and yes HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! CHEERS to you all! More sooN!


*daisy said...

oooh!!! look at you, Ms. fancy International artist!!! ; ) how exciting!! Now you have a reason to book a ticket to japan to go to the opening, right? ; ) ha ha ha! happy turkey day miss!

Christophe said...

Wouah ! That's awesome. Great idea for your illo, and what a cool concept for a show. Congratulations !


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