August 23, 2008

My piece for the Gary Gygax Tribute show!!!

Okay, so I never said I took great pictures...heheeee BUT, here is some pics from the last painting I did for the Tribute to Gary Gygax over at the Titmouse Art Show. I unfortunately, couldn't make it. Wasn't feeling too well...;p Hope people took pics?

Let me explain just a bit, about the title and the idea behind this painting. When I was asked to do this piece for the show, I really didn't know much about Gary Gygax and his creation of Dungeons and Dragons game. I remembered the cartoon in the 80's and I remembered it was a game and a lifestyle for some. So I began to ask around and try to find out some info about the game. WELL, I found out, not too many people wanted to claim they where D&D fans and needed some coaxing in order for me to get some info about it. Well, this made me think, most adult players that don't play anymore, tend to keep their D&D playing days a secret, thus helping me come up with the title for this piece
Anyways, this is my painting at the beginning stage...

...and this is the finished piece!

Title: "Everyone has a Secret Dungeon"
Medium: Acrylic on Oakwood panel w/ Heavy Gloss Varnish
Size: 10"x 12" unframed 13"x14" framed

I apologize again for the crappy pics, but it's a darker painting than I usually do and it's pretty shiny. Also, it's at an angle for some reason...hahaa Hope you like it!!


*daisy said...

Yay! Your piece turned out awesome- I loved it!! I think my friend got a good pic of it (it was from an angle, but from the little display on his camera, it looked good! I'll see if I can get it from him)... Sorry I missed you last night! Feel like I'm fighting something myself now so I guess it's the summer cold going around- Feel better!! (hug!!)

damon said...

i loved your piece

fat dragon!

so cool

feel better


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