February 11, 2008

Hoorray for sketches!!!

Hey there! The first pic is a quick sketch of a joke. Thought it was cute.heheee...
So we had a Blogger lunch just before the Chinese New Year and we all ate at this Chinese Restruant in Burbank. Well after the lunch we got fortune cookies and I decided to illustrate my fortune. We talk about all of us doing it, but it's been busy busy so it's cool. Here are the FABULOUS peeps that attended the lunch (maybe u can egg them on to do one too) ;) hehehee...
Alina Chau
Miss Mindy
Chris Battle
Gabe Swarr
Danielle Heitmuller
Kristen Donner
Kyle Neswald

Hope more great bloggers can join us next time! Maybe in about a month or so...
I don't normally talk much about work but the show I work on, "El Tigre". OUR show won 2 Annie's this last friday! WOOHOO!! One went to Jorge Gutierrez for Best Character Design and the other went to all of us for BEST ANIMATED SHOW ON TELEVISON!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! Congrats Everyone!!! YEY!
Personal note:
As for the children's book, I'm at the dummy book stage. I just need to print it out and see if it works before I go to the final color designs. =)
I also started painting again and hope I can put some stuff up soon. Stay Tuned!


Alina Chau said...

Great to see you at the lunch too. Now you reminded me about the lucky cookie ... totally forget about it!! Will dig out my fortune and do something about it!! Love your illos, so cute!

damon said...

sorry i missed the lunch

congrats on the awards

and cure drawing


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