January 1, 2008

Cheers to you all!!!

YEY! We made it through the New Year Celebrations! Happy New Year everyone! SO, just before Christmas, Tom and I adopted a new 20 Gal. fish Tank.:) We bought some fresh water plants and this really cool log that had a plant growing on it. We bought 6 fish, 3 Neon Tetras and 3 Black Neon Tetras. Very cute. So we've had this tank for almost 3 weeks now and during this time we realized the log that we bought at the fish store had some stowaways. They slowly came out of the wood work (literally)! We now have little snail cleaners. There really cute, but I heard they can infest our tank. Not planning to do anything to them yet. I read some cool way to get them out safe and humanly. In the meantime, we're enjoying the fact that they are keeping it spotless! SO, I decided to design what these little tank sweepers may look like. ;)
I'm still working on my children's book, but here's a little hint. The main character goes "Baaaaaaaaahhh...." ;) More soon!
Be Healthy, Be Wealthy and good fortune in your New Year!


damon said...


Tim Bye said...

Hehheh! Cool picture!

Miss Mindy said...

Deee! I did an octopus and it reminded me of your world!
:) great art... as usual!

Chickengirl said...

i love the little tank sweeper! The world you invent is wonderful.

Happy 2008!!!

the chung said...

awesome! happy new year!!

if you want to get rid of the snails perhaps throw a leaf of lettuce in the tank at night and they should crawl onto it by morning so you could just take the leaf out transplant them into a different tank or a garden

this just in said...

I wanna see your kids book! I bet it's awesome. I love your little snail-car here. Makes me think of Spongebob a bit, in a really good way.

Happy New Year and thanks for the thoughtful blog comments! :)

Joey Chou said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, love the snail, your work is really fun and cheerful. great stuff!


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