August 2, 2007


YEY! It's almost here! Just wanted to post the poster for the up coming show. I'm gonna try to make it, might be late night, but we'll see. That should not stop you all from going though! Please go and see all the wonderful and talented artist participating in this awesome show! Thanks to Aaron, Kyle and Patrick. Should be a great event! =)

PS: Poster designed by Aaron Clark and Chris Sasaki.

(For those who can't attend, I will post the paintings I did for the show-
the next day following the opening.
So stay tuned!) =)


damon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
damon said...

i will try and make it

the chung said...

waaaaaah!! i'll do my best to get there! it'll be a party!! let's party!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Great Page! Pictures are fantastic :-)

Dee said...

Hope to see you guys!
Thank you Speedcat! Glad you can stop by. ;)

Warren Lee said...

I'll see you there!

marshmallowmouse said...

I like this octopus theme

Kei Phillips said...

i love ur illustrations! :D very good


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