May 22, 2007

"Powers In Numbers 2" Show....both SOLD!=)

So finally, I was able to get pictures of my work that I turned into the "powers in numbers 2" show. It was this past Sat. and it had an AWESOME turn out! I unfortunately didn't take very many pictures of it, but on the other hand, I'll give a quick description of the happenings of opening night!
The store was busseling with eager people. All grooving to the awesome stylin's of Dj Hot Twat! The front was a store filled with books and toys and clothing, all art related and the back was the bi-level gallery, seperated by a black velvet curtain. We were all given these small tickets with numbers on them. They were going to let 50 people in at a time and there was a line of people waiting to get in. When they opened the curtain, it was a mad rush into the gallery. People were scattering about looking to see which painting they can score for this amazing amount! The numbers on the tickets, was your number to list below the painting when you wanted to purchase it. I was very happy to see that both of my paintings SOLD fairly quickly, as for many of the wonderful pieces in the show. The gallery was alive with energy and it started to get rather warm with the amount of bodies, but they let another 50 people in! Whew~!
All in all, I had a great time. I scored a piece myself, from a well known artist named "Miss Mindy". I met a lot of new friends and talked to a lot of old friends. After about 3 hours of mish mosh, a group of us decided to say farewell and grab a bit to eat. Yum!
(BTW- the show is only up till the 28th of MAY, so head on over, if ya wanna see it in person. For more details about the show click here)


damon said...

ow super nice they turned out awesome

Miss Mindy said...

Yay! Thanks DEE! I'm so glad you bought Tea Lilly! - she was so fun to paint... I hope she doesn't run off the canvas and drink all yer tea... he he.
Much love,

kuoli(皞傑) said...

Hi Dee,
I think you must have a great time in the exhibition! Your "ta-ko" moji painting look attractive and interesting. Were they sold in a good price?? Your art exhibition seems very succesful but the situation in Hongkong is quite different. People are not so enthusiastic in local art exhibitions, yet they are more interested in Japanese anime shows and toys products. Thanks for visiting my sketch blog. I was slow to update the sketches recently but I hope the situation will change.

Louise said...

I like that 'stay close' pict, its easy to see why they sold quickly

Alexei Martins said...

AWESOME stuff!!!I am loving it!:)


kyle said...

awesome. striking. wooden. Paint ahoy!

Robin Hall said...

congrats on selling both your paintings! They turned out so well!

Cute, styles and colours, too

G1988 said...

Hey Denise,

Email ( us over your mailing address so we can get you your 8-bit payment. Sorry bout posting this...but we couldn't find an email for you. lol. Anyway, thanks and great blog!

G1988: LA

Alina Chau said...

Congratulation Dee!! YOUr paintings are wonderful!

Christophe said...

awww love the green octopus painting ! Greaaat work. :-)

Dee C.K. said...

hey all! Thanks soo much for checking out the link and for the lovely comments!

Damon- thanks hun ;)
MissMindy- I'm super happy to finally get a piece of yours! I will keep an eye on her, not wander off. hehehe!
Kuoli- So good to hear from you! The show was good! Glad you were able to take a peak. Your stuff on your blog is looking beautiful!
Louise - Thank you for the sweet words. =)
Alexei - thanks! Your Awesome! hehee....
Kyle- thanks a bunch neighbor! ;)
Robin - happy you stopped by! Thank for the sweet words.
Jensen- thanks for the note and I will email u ASAP! ;)
Alina- Thanks miss! So good to see you the other day at lunch. See you soon!
Christophe- Aww...thanks! Good to hear from you! Hope your well...


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