February 27, 2007

Almost here!

Hi, Justa quick note:
Season Premiere March 3rd @ 10am Saturday morning on Nick Channel!
I do Background Paint and Texture on this show. Toon in if u can. =)
I am also currently working on a painting that I hope to have done by this week. I'm gonna try to enter it into the I am 8-bit show. I will post it soon. ;) Thx!


Miss Mindy said...


Annette said...

The show is adorable and really fun! Great work!

damon said...

cool i just set my tevo

becaus thair is no way im gona be up

Helen Kim said...

Fun stuff. Really love that you are thinking/working/dreaming/creating consistently!

tirui said...

looks like a fun show! congrats! and yes, please, post a new painting!!!!!!! :)


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