March 4, 2006

Small, yet colorful!

Hi! So, I did this little painting in about
3 days,including varnish. Seems long to
me, but varnish takes a bit to dry. No
name for it yet. Any suggestions?
This is acrylic on wood, 6"x8".
I found this great frame for it too.
Very old looking! =)

Okay, so I thought I would post this
painting I did it about a year ago. It was
one of the first real paintings I did in
awhile. I had been doing character design
work, but nothing this large. It's a 20"
round canvas, done in acrylics. I like the
used and scuffed look I did to this painting,
gives it character. (I think anyways) ;P

Working on some new ones. Post more soon!


Alina Chau said...

VEry cool!! Very creative, lovely artworks!! Thanks for the new postings and update e-mail! :) Have a great weekends.

Manuella said...

I Love the sock stealer! LOL made me laugh. Very nice work. I thought that round table could be a table. Wouldn't that be cool?
Good Job!

Gabe Swarr said...

What is your varnish process?

Dee C.K. said...

Well Gabe, I work on wood alot and I use various wood varnishes. Thanks for linking me on your blog! Great stuff!

waveybrain said...

I have a name for your painting: "Flu Season"-it looks like that elephant has a runny nose-ha,ha. I like it. You're doing some cute stuff my It is me... and I'll post more uplifting wavey thoughts as they stream into my waveybrain, and I decide what I want to do in cyber space.

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