March 1, 2006

"Cannibal Crackers" - Done!

So, these are the paintings I've been spending most of my time on. I posted one earlier, but the series is now complete and framed. These are acrylic on stained wood with a varnish finish. Then they are mounted on handmade cut and stained wood frames. Each piece is ready to hang!
The photo above is obviously not a professional picture, but just for you all to get an idea what they look like together. The pictures below are close-up's of these for more detail. The three paintings are about 9"x11" including frame and the long painting is about 7"x16" including frame. Thanks for checking out my work! Onto the next painting! =)


Unknown said...

Dee, thanks for e-mailing me!! These are AWESOME painting!! The character is adorable, not to mention great craftmanship!!

Gabe Swarr said...

Mighty nice!

Is that a foot in the bottom left of the pic?

Anonymous said...

Hey you finished the paintings!!! I remember when it was just a glimmer in your eye!!! I love them!!!
Heres one of my favorites below, lots of cute characters!!

I miss you and hope all is well!!!


Anonymous said...

Pigeon! I love these. Good work! :D

Christophe said...

Wow I like your work very much. This series of paintings is really, really cute, and so is the other one, with the octopus !

Thanks for your kind comment !

oh, and I'm also pleased to hear that you are an animal crossing player ;-)

chris chua said...

great stuff, Denise! Glad to hear from you! Keep posting!

waveybrain said...

Dennise, I really love these! You're on to something...or maybe I just really love cookies-very cute, scary and delicious paintings. You should make prints of these.

Unknown said...


I am glad I found your blog. These paintings are chewy and fun and creepy.

Great play words, too. "Cannibal Crackers" indeed! Hah!

Dee said...

Thanks everyone for your great comments! Thanks also for linking me! You guys RAWK!
More to come! =>

Anonymous said...

Thats amazing!

Dee said...

Addison, my friend! Long time. Thanks for your comment!

RheLynn said...

I love the big open mouth and the deviousness of it all ;o)

Anonymous said...

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