November 18, 2005

knittercritters unite!

These are some new additions. Well one is new. The EasterDillo is something I did a couple of months ago, but the knitting girl is a little more recent. I'm not completely happy with the colors yet, but I've been playing with it in Photoshop. I've been trying to keep myself busy by drawing and painting. I just got back into painting large pieces again. I hope to be done with this next painting by next week. It's an odd size-15"x36"(i think). I will show it when I'm done!
As for other things. I just ordered a photo book from Apple of the pictures we took in Thailand! It's AMAzing! In Iphoto on a MAC, it allows you to pick a theme of your book, add your pictures, add text, and then order it for a great price! I now have a professional looking booklet of our trip! COOL huh!
Well let's see. Work is okay. About 2 weeks ago I did some freelance clean-up work for Titmouse Studios. I helped out on a spot for the Beijing Olympics for next year. It was about 5-6 pandas in different costumes, running through Beijing. Very cute! Hopefully we will see it here in the US sometime early next year.
Ok, more later. I'm cold, need to drink some tea. =)

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