February 7, 2012

Bunny bounces out 2011 and into the Dragon 2012!

Hey fellow artists and friends! Wow, can you believe it's 2012 and already February!! Last year was good with work and my paintings. It was off to a good start in January! I was invited to be a part of a 5 person show called "SuperKickAss" @ The WWA Gallery in Culver City. I displayed 4 large pieces and Sold 3! I was super happy to be a part of such a great show and awesome group of artists. In February, I did a small piece for the WIA: Woman In Animation Group Show called " Goodness United". It was great to meet so many wonderful ladies in Animation! That piece was gifted. Next, in March, I did a piece for a show called "Shave and a Haircut" @ Monkeyhouse Toys. This piece was called "Mustache Melody". Had a lot of fun with this one and the colors were so saturated. ;) After this, I took on some freelance work(children's book illustrations), outside of work that kept me busy for 3 months. I then returned to do a piece for this year's "i am 8bit" Group Exhibition. This was super fun, got to meet lots of brilliant artists and I had my piece from the last 8_bit show in the 2nd vol. "Super i am 8-bit" Book! So I was a part of a small book signing panel, the week of the opening. ;) It was really cool to meet all those fans and experience a book signing. The piece I did for the show was called "Ready!" After that show, I did a small piece for a group show held at Carter Sexton Art Gallery and Supplies. It was called "Morning Glory" and it sold before the show started. :) I was super happy.
I wish I painted more, but I had a lot of work and freelance to work on, so I guess it balanced out. Very grateful to be able to work in what I do and happy to be able to have lovely fans like you to like what I do. ;)
This year is starting off great! I just did a small piece for a show called "VS. a show of Opposites".
It's an 18 person show Curated by Daisy Church. Click the link below or check it here:

Here is the piece I did:

SO I can't wait for what's to come of this Dragon Year. I am currently working on 2 pieces for two up coming shows and the end of this month. I will post more about it soon. My prediction for this new year, is that I will paint more and possibly larger pieces. In the meantime, Thanks so much for sticking with me and coming by to say hi! Love you guys!
Cheers~ <3 dee


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