July 23, 2010

"A Day at the Park" Handpainted Munny for Nick/PPPK

This is an original hand painted Munny Doll for Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds/ PetPetPark.com. I was commissioned to do this piece for their booth at Comic-Con this year. The are going to raffle it off this weekend. The characters are from the Pet Pet park online game, painted in acrylic and the munny is vinyl. ^_^ This is a full turn-around of the doll. It was actually pretty fun to do, but took a long time to paint. I'm think I may do another one for myself....hehee. In the meantime, I am now working on painting some BGs for a short and working on some more designs.
Thanks for looking! Copyright Dee Chavez 2010/ Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds
Added was a picture taken at the Nick Booth during Comic Con 2010. The one standing next to mine was done by Mike Baylis, another awesome artist I work with. ;)


Mulleh said...

aww soo cute! :) I want one :D

Akshayxpear said...

naice..:) :) keep uploadin d cool stuff

check out my sketches and my photographs at my blog

Ashleigh said...

Really neat!

Anonymous said...

The best morphing that I ever saw in a video was on MTV. It was the last one made by Goodly and Cream from 10 CC. I don’t know much about morphing characters otherwise. I went to your pet morphing site and was curious. Do each of these unique creations turn into something else like pint size transformers. The art is really cute like Pokemon characters. It takes a lot of imagination and creativity to come up with winsome adorable characters that can tell a story and be remembered. Before the Japanese invasion of Pokemon took over our computers and anime was in its infancy Warner Brothers and Disney ruled the cartoon landscape . Their characters were fresh, funny, morally driven in a way and very entertaining. Those cartoons are fresh and fun to watch even today seventy to eighty years later. That’s why I like your linked page. This is fresh young art at its very best. The online art blogs are astounding and yours is among the best. Thanks!

Jessica Kreig Hendron said...

It's gorgeous! The time you spent on it really shows in the details. Wish I had seen it in person!!!

Dee @_@ said...

Thank you everyone~ Really happy you like it. ^_^

kyle said...

Super cute, and it's laid out really well. Which is what I would expect from you.

MandeeFranee said...

fabulous! I have no idea what the show is but the artwork is fantastic! :)

Jenn said...

cool little guy


Alina Chau said...

WOW!! So many awesome new works here!! U ROCK!!!!

sam said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dee @_@ said...

Kyle~ Thank you, that means alot =)
Mandee~ Thank you! You have cute stuff too! Thanks for stopping by.
Jenn~ Thank You! ^_^
Alina~ Thank you Miss! Hope you are doing well up there?

Melisa Marzett said...

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